Be Our Guest 2018

4 Be Our Guest Pippa, your Fashion Factories are into their 4th year running and demand is as high as ever, how did it all start?! 4 years, we can hardly believe it ourselves!! I suppose I realised quite soon after setting up that women would get in touch about blog posts I’d written and would ask for advice on how to wear certain styles themselves, or what make up looks would suit their skin tone. I spoke to my husband and we realised wouldn’t it be amazing to hold an event and speak to a group of women face to face as opposed to behind email! Within no time at all, we had planned our very first Fashion Factory but we had no idea how big it would all become! What makes your Fashion Factories so unique? I think the fact that we keep them small and intimate is a real part of our success. We constantly get asked why we don’t move to a bigger venue but we feel we’d lose that connection with our guests on the day if we did it on a bigger stage! For me, it’s all about having our Fashion Factories in a beautiful hotel, having a gorgeous afternoon tea – it’s about spending time with your closest friends and picking up some fashion and beauty tips on the day too! What’s important to you when looking for a hotel for your Fashion Factories? A warm atmosphere - it’s so important that as soon as our guests walk through the doors that they feel like they’re a million dollars!! It’s a treat day after all! How would you describe a Fashion Factory in 3 words? Fun, Girly, Beautiful!! Work & Travel in Ireland Irish businesswoman, influencer and model, Pippa O’Connor Ormond talks to us about travel, family trips and all things Fashion Factory! PHOTOGRAPHS BY Laoise Moggan