Be Our Guest 2019

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum CHQ, Custom House Quay, Dublin 1. +353 1 906 0861 OPEN 7 DAYS AWEEK 10am—6:45pm (last entry 5pm) Late opening in July and August. “You have one of the best exhibitions anywhere in the world. Epic is without doubt a model of how exhibitions could and should be. Even if one has no great interest in Irish history this museum really does have something for everyone and it will be impossible not to learn and be impressed by so many parts of this exhibition.” -JAKEdinburgh, Eyemouth, United Kingdom “I have Irish roots in my family so I went to this museum to learn more about them. But not also my expectations were fulfilled but, in the end, I learn more about Ireland and Irish emigration that I never thought I would. It has activities for kids and, it is so interactive that as an adult you will never get bored of it. I would recommend it to everyone going to Dublin” -Road50149995725, New South Wales, Australia “The best interactive exhibit I’ve ever seen. I loved every minute of this trip through the perils that all emigrants go through on their way to better themselves and families. I am of Irish-American descent. Saw my grandparents story and it made me weep, but over joyed in the knowledge that they did it for us and to make their new country great.” -Wanderer14432849371, USA